Changing Trends in iOS Application Development

Talk about mobile platforms and mobile application technologies the name that hits your mind after iPhone app development is Android application development the hottest platform to work on after iOS. Outsourcing android app development is big trend across the globe, which most of the companies are exploring to leverage on the present mobility boom and according to Nielsen; a US based Market Research Company, Android platform is the fastest growing mobile platform and leading the race to become leader in the Smartphone segment pitted to beat rival Apple’s iOS. But then as everyone says iPhone apps has their own benefits just like the android apps do.

Swift Coding

Swift broke on the coding world last year with a whole new set of coding methodologies and frameworks that were more inclusive. This programming language continues to be much talked off amongst app developers and is both and application and systems language. Built on the modern compiler infrastructure, it enables developers to write reliable codes using Xcode tools. It is currently used for developing apps for apps on iOS, WatchOS and tVOS. This trend will continue through 2016, in fact, it might be driven to become the primary tool for developing Apple apps, replacing Objective C for good. What’s more, Swift 2 has been released with more developer-friend features that are fast gaining traction amongst the developers worldwide.


Watch OS2

Apple Watch 2 will be launched in April this year and is expected to be the top brand in the wearable device category. The development and growth of the Watch OS2 will push the market for apps for this device dimensions to the next level. From making extensions to the existing apps for the iWatch, there will be a new scope for development, exclusively for the Apple Watch. Until last month, there were 10,000 apps available for the iWatch, this number is expected to treble within the first half of 2016.

Cloud-Based Applications

Cloud-based applications that have made it a hot topic in the application market too offers numerous benefits to its users whether a developer or an end-user. Further, this year too these applications due to their extensive abatement with the size & multi-gadget syncing ability would keep up their predominance in the marketplace. In short, day by day dependence of multitudes on handheld devices increases the mobile commerce market.

IoT integration

IoT technologies such as GPS, Beacon and location-based Wi-Fi will be integral to many applications. We are looking at a mature Home Application on iOS 10 which will enable iPhone and iPad users to operate household appliances with instructions delivered to Siri. The Android Wear and Apple Watch will do more than track health and fitness, and go a step further to perform more complex functions. Android’s biometric scanning for unlocking the device is the most rudimentary utilization of IoT technology and its voice recognition technology is fairly advanced.

App Security

Security continues to remain a worrying issue for device manufacturers and more so for mobile app developers. A Gartner report from 2015 predicts that 75% mobile applications will fail security tests and present gaping holes for hackers to exploit. A uniform security guideline for mobile app developers will have to be soon arrived at to ensure app data security across devices, platforms and the cloud.
There are more complex issues that will be face by mobile app development companies while compiling an application. However, evolving development platforms and sophisticated programming languages are increasingly consolidating the app development process. With its new Swift Playground, Apple is already making app development possible for the common user.

Most Apps Will be Free

Of course, any app developed for an e-commerce company will be free. But most gaming and other non-commerce apps will be as well. Developers will depend more on advertising and marketing within the app itself to make their profits. While about 75% of apps are free right now, the Gartner Report predicts that 93% will be by the end of 2016. App developers will need to become adept at securing the right kind of advertising, developing upgrades, and featuring fully secure purchasing mechanisms.

iOS 10, iPhone 7, 7Plus and iPhone 6C

All of the above are much awaited for release in the coming year. Although, most of them are confirmed rumors, characteristically, Apple hasn’t revealed much yet. We can expect better system and more work cut out for app developers as more revolutionary technology comes to the fore.
Even after Steve Jobs, Apple has continued to maintain the buzz and the excitement amongst its users. Apart from its splendid architecture, the marvelous app offering is what keeps this brand going. Here’s to an exciting 2016 with more buzz from the Smartphone giant!

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