Khanpur Dam

Suave Team’s Memorable Trip to KhanPur Dam

Indeed, a trip derives a meaning of lots of joy and pleasure, but here you are going to explore much more than before. A tale is about the team of Suave Solutions which has recently hit a small but quite amazing tour to Khanpur Dam. The happenings of one day trip are full of amusement to know about the conducted expeditions. So get ready to follow the track of pleasure which will take you away from hectic official routine for a while but completely.

Departure-Full of Excitement

We’re taking you with us to Khanpur Dam, located on the Haro River of Potowar Plateau and village of Khanpur in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. We welcome you to join us in a journey of wonderful experience. We left Lahore for Khanpur at night of 14th of April, 2017. The clock was ticking 11:00 PM when we were sitting in our van and our faces were blushing with cheer.

Journey-Full of Amusement

Now, our van was on the way and we started our journey to Khanpur through the Motorway Lahore. The more we were approaching towards our destination, the more we were getting our excitement turning into amusement. In actual, the charm was on its peak because we were enjoying a long drive to another province.
Although, it was dark outside but the joy was enlightened inside the vehicle. We left Lahore while cutting jokes, then we passed much time in gossip even we also slept for a while; and soon we entered Khyber PakhtunKhwa province.
Well, it was the mesmerizing view of sunrise in the province. The chirps of birds and fragrance of lushy meadows were rejoicing our senses. Lastly, we were moving ahead towards Khanpur village and its wonderful Dam by receiving the welcoming signs of nature.

Trip-Full of Pleasure

Hurrah! It was 7:00 AM of April 15, when our team was stepped out from the van. We arrived at the land of Khanpur Dam, surrounded by high and beautiful mountains. The point of our collective attraction was the clear fresh water of Dam. And the joy was just begun.
Our team first visited the Dam and then stayed at nearby Lake View Hotel. We thoroughly enjoyed too delicious breakfast there and warmth ourselves with delectable morning tea.
Then we moved towards Dam to hang out with water sports activities.
We enjoyed fully equipped swimming which was fully breathtaking while having splash of water. Then we amused ourselves with boating and paddling in clean vast water. Another amazing thing was the safe and sound arrangements of water sports activities.

Back to Lahore having Memories

It was a time when we were departing having cheerful and excited moods and now to say goodbye to our tourism destination. We left Khanpur Dam at 2:00 PM after having luscious lunch in hotel along with all team members. As our departure from Kganpur took place in noon of April 15, but still the weather was quite pleasing. On back to Lahore, there was something new which was with us along our luggage; and it was a book of memories in our minds.

Although, companies and organizations plan their official or business tours in routine but it’s also quite imperative to promote fun and activity tours with colleagues and company’s management. Such change in routine working brings lots of energy and a touch of freshness in moods.
As we are at office today on very next monday morning. It’s feeling much rejoiced to pass a smile to trip fellows with having a feel of spent memorable moments there and it’s more to have a sip of tea while recalling the happenings of pleasure in Khanpur. Oh! It’s a last sip of tea, now back to work with more zest than before.

Happy Memories to All!

Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam

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